Sunday, November 27, 2005

UNSW Badminton Open Tournament - An Unforgettable Experience

I woke up early today (6:30 am), not my usual waking hour but I have to get ready for today's tournament. After a hot cup of coffe and a nice warm shower, I was up and about. Rodel and Marriane fetched me on their way to Art and Norman's house in Blacktown. We waited for Robert and Joy to arrive and at about 9:30 am, our convoy left for a one hour drive to the city.

We reached the University of New South Wales at around 11:00 am. The tournament had started already, the men's singles and women's singles were playing at that time. Lunch time passed by, and we still haven't warmed up yet. Finally at around 2:00 pm, the men's double started.

Rodel and I lost all of our matches but Joy Lopez and Joy Valena saved the day. They brought home the CHAMPSIONSHIP of the women's doubles level d. WOW!!!!

We had dinner at a chinese restaurant near the Uni, John, a Malaysian badminton player joined us. Finally I arrived home at around 12 midnight, thanks to Rodel and Marianne again for driving me home.

CONGRATULATIONS JOY AND JOY!!!! WELL DONE!!! To the rest of the group, we'll get them next time.

Mabuhay FilBCS


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