Friday, November 18, 2005

War For A Better Life

I have already lived more than one half of my life (life expectancy of average filipino male is 63 - 65 years) and up to now I do not have anything to call my own. Looking back at 38 years of living in this planet, I don't have any achievements that I can be proud of.

It seems that my life ceased to grow when I took the responsibility of caring for my mom who is a stroke survivor in a vegetative state. I have no regrets for this nor I am blaming this for what I am right now. Sometimes I can't help but think and reflect on what I have accomplished so far.

I am a medical doctor, a paediatrician for that matter. I am still single and with no family of my own. I don't own house nor a car. All I bought for myself is an scooter which I use to go to my place of practise. I can't even propose marriage to my girlfriend because I don't have the means to afford even a simple wedding ceremony. Gosh! Am I really that poor? Oh well, who is not poor nowadays in our country??? Oh, there are a few...the FIRST GENTLEfuckingMAN and his family. The traditional politicians (or should I call them traditional burglars!)

I am not blaming others for what I am now, I know that we are the ones who create our own destiny. I just always tell to myself that the struggle is not yet over, I lost some battles but my war for a better life is not yet over.

I just need to vent this out! Pardon me.

Its a good thing I have this blogsite, here I really can WRITE wnat I cannot SAY.


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