Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Camaraderie... Whats Missing Among Oz????

Camaraderie is from the french word camarade meaning 'a spirit of friendly good-fellowship.'

What I have been experiencing here in Australia is that many Aussies lack this "value." Many of them over react even to small things. One good example happened to my sister last night. She parked her car in front of my brother's rented house, after a few minutes, someone sticked a note on her windshield saying she's illegally parked. That's a lot of B*&^@$!T. Other tenants do that here too and we don't mind them. Why do that to us? Is it because of our brown skin??? Another big B&^%@#(T! Hey, Australia is a land of multicultures. There's no place for discrimination and racism here. For all you know we pay more taxes than you do!

Pardon me for being rude but I am just pissed off!



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