Friday, September 01, 2006

Enjoy Your Parents

I am writing this because I miss my parents so much. It's been 9 months since I went home here in the Philippines and I haven't seen them since. They are now living in Sydney. Sure I get to talk to them often, over the phone, but what I miss is their presence, their touch.

Why is it many of us do not want to be with our parents? Or why is it that many don't love their parents anymore? Is it because they are so strict we can not do whatever we want to do? Is it because they are so busy at work that they spend less time with you? Is it because they were not able to buy you a new iPod that you really really wanted?

Before jumping into conclusions, hold our horses and think.... Maybe the things your parents are doing or not doing are FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! No mother or father in this planet will ever think or do bad for their children. Even lower forms of animals do that, parents always protect and feed their offsprings.

My advise for you is to enjoy your parents while they are still alive. Hug them, kiss them, tell them you love them, go out with them, have fun. You can't do this anymore when they are all gone. So do it now before its too late!


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