Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why Result To Cheating

The recent nursing board examination brouhaha is occcupying airtime. It is one of the major news seen on TV, heard over the radio and read on papers and the internet today.

But what is the real impact of this to our society and country as a whole? Who are the real losers here? Did the so called "whistle blowers" (i presume they all flunked the test), the ones who exposed the fiasco, got the justice they deserved? Who is really to blame for this?

Cheating during examinations is a filipino students' way of life. Its a harsh reality, a horrifying fact. Truth really hurts but whoever is not guilty of cheating during examinations and tests while we were all students, may throw the first stone at us (me included).

But do we really need to cheat in order to pass? I realized back then, when I was in medical school, that it is useless to pass an examination without anything being retained in my brain. It came clear to my mind that I will be the ultimate loser if I cheat. Sure I will pass the subject, the course, but what kind of doctor will I become? I surely cannot ask for my classmates help when I am treating my patients. So I strived to study hard for me to become what I am now.

The real losers here are the students themselves especially the ones who really did not cheat during the board exams. We cannot remove anymore the clouds of doubt in them. They will always (I hope not for the rest of their lives) be haunted by the fact that other people will think they passed the exams becaused they cheated. The parents of these students are losers as well, imagine the anguish they are getting from this. The nursing association and our country are losers too, credibility will always be in question here.

For those who blew the whistle, I think they already got what they wanted. They already ruined the integrity of the nursing board, the professional regulation commission and the integrity of the filipino nurse as a whole. You already inflicted so much pain and suffering to many of your supposed to be colleagues and their families. My advise for you is study harder retake the exam and pass it , do not blame others for your shortcomings. I hope you are all straight during your student days and you did not cheat! I doubt it! You are not to be blamed here but you ignited all of this. Thanks to you (this is a sarcasm)!

Again, no one is to be blamed except for those corrupt people up there who are in charge of this examination. I am certainly sure that money is the cause of this Remember when there is smoke, there is fire! There must be some truth in these allegations although it will be real hard to prove it (lucky you demons!). I hope you can still sleep soundly at nights and I hope you can stomach that what you are feeding your family came from dirty money.

We don't really need to cheat in order to pass an examination, I already proved it myself. "Mag aral kayo mabuti at huwag puro lakwatsa at pasarap sa buhay para wag kayo pulutin sa kangkunggan."


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