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My New Notebook

At last, a MacBook of my own... I've been longing for this for ages! Thank you Heidi for helping me on this one.

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Check this may be of help fo r you.


Southern Health runs a Program to assist International Medical
Graduates (IMGs) who have not already worked in Australia, to gain
experience in working in an Australian hospital in order to
facilitate them obtaining and successfully commencing full-time
medical officer employment.

The Program involves a minimum of four clinical placements of 6 weeks
each in medicine, surgery and emergency and an elective. Successful
completion of the Program will result in the award of a
Completion Certificate and employment with Southern Health as a
medical officer.

Registration with Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria (MPBV)
International Medical Graduates (IMGs) will be registered as medical
students with the MPBV. This will enable them to be able to
participate fully in the operation of the Medical Unit they are placed
with including examination and care of patients, undertaking necessary
documentation and access to all areas of the hospital.

Medical Indemnity
IMG medical students will be fully indemnified by the Southern Health
insurer (due to registration
with MPBV).

Selection Criteria
The minimum requirements for IMGs to be selected for this Program will
be successful completion of the English Test (either OET or IELTS)
within the last 18 months to 2 years) and the MCQ examinations.
Previous experience working in Australian hospitals will not be necessary.

All applicants must be permanent resident or citizens of Australia.

Applicants will be short-listed for interview based on the following
Experience overseas;
Time away from clinical practice;
Willingness to participate in the Program (in an unpaid capacity);
Other activities undertaken in Australia.
Interviews will involve:
1. a Behavioural Interview with a panel comprising a HMO Manager and a
Medical Clinical
Educator and
2. the applicant may also be required to undertake the IMG
questionnaire (which has been
developed by PMCV on behalf of DHS) when available.

Conditions of the IMG Medical Student Placement Program
Participation in the Program will be on a full-time, unpaid basis,
although all education, training and support will be provided by
Southern Health staff.

IMG Medical Students will be expected to:
1. Attend all Education provided,
2. To participate and satisfactorily complete (see assessment section)
on a full-time basis in the 4
placement clinical units and
3. To complete a logbook (see section below) of all clinical
procedures and training that is carried

Clinical Placements
These will be 8 week placements in 3 core (medicine, surgery and
emergency). One IMG medical
student will be located in each Unit at any one time.
The Units are:
Emergency – Casey Hospital – core
Medicine – Casey Hospital – core
Surgery – Dandenong Hospital – core

Supervision will be provided by a specific Consultant/Registrar in
each of the medical and emergency
unit placements. Surgery placement supervision will be by senior HMOs.
A role description in relation to clinical supervision and performance
assessment is attached.

Education Program
The Education Program will comprise a number of different training modes:
1. Simulation Centre at Moorabbin – would prefer for IMG medical
students to attend 2 half-day
sessions training in critical incident scenarios. These sessions would
involve 1) introductory
clinical skills stations (BLS/ALS, LP, IV & cardiac arrest; 2)
Hypoxia/ Hypertension.

2. Weekly Tutorials (approx. 2 hours per week – 24 sessions) with
Clinical Skills Training in:
BLS/ ALS (accredit)
IV Cannulation
Patient handling (no lift)
Arterial line insertion
PICC line insertion
Lumbar puncture
ECG monitoring
How to conduct an
Outpatients Clinic
Pain Management/
Communication Issues
(family meetings;
breaking bad news etc)
communication/ use of

3. Completion of tutorial modules on
(self-directed e-learning). This would involve completion of 2 modules
per week in a set order which will be determined by the Education
Program Plan. Completion of these modules will be in a specified order
linked to the tutorial program and will be reviewed/ discussed each
week by a DCT and should be recorded in the logbook.

Performance Assessment
A job description will be available for each placement. These job
descriptions are currently being developed for each placement listed
above where learning objectives in terms of practical and clinical
skills will be defined. The performance assessment process will be
specifically linked to these learning objectives.

Mid-placement (formative) and end-of-placement (summative) assessments
will be completed and discussed with the IMG medical student by the
nominated supervisor.

The formative assessment will seek to identify areas for improvement
and set a timetable for this. This should be discussed with the IMG
medical student by the Supervisor (and HMO Manager/DCT).

The summative assessment completed at the end of the placement will be
used to assess successful completion of the Program.

Successful Completion of Program
Applicants will be deemed to have successfully completed the Program if:
1. They have satisfactorily completed their four clinical placements
(as indicated by the end-of-placement performance assessments
completed by supervisors);
2. During each placement they will have presented one case study to
their colleagues;
3. They have attended at least 20 of all weekly tutorials and clinical
skills sessions;
4. They have completed the two sessions at the Simulation Centre at
5. They have successfully achieved ALS accreditation;
6. They have completed ALL the on-line "Meditute" tutorials (;
7. They have undertaken the IMG questionnaire again (passed at least
80% of the questions?);
8. They have completed the logbook.

If all these criteria are met, a Certificate of Completion will be
awarded and employment with Southern Health as a medical officer will
be arranged.

Intake Dates
The Program will be of 24 weeks duration and full-time.

Evaluation of Program
Improvement in Clinical Knowledge of IMG – undertake IMG questionnaire
before and after completing Program
Achievement of Clinical Skills by IMG – ALS accreditation; Progressive
assessments during Program; Assessment when commence work as a HMO
Evaluation of Assessment Forms
Feedback from IMGs and Supervisors using focus groups each term
(de-brief) and at the end of the Program.

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