Tuesday, January 09, 2007

January 16, 1996

A very memorable day for all of us. What seem to be a normal day became our worst nightmare. I still can't forget all the things that happened to my mother that day. All is very vivid to my memory. A week from now, it will be 11 years from that fateful day, still my mother is alive and "well." I think she can outlive the devil that is, Monching P.

What I am saying is that it will be 11 years since my mother suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage, a major brain stroke that she survived and endured. I already wrote the details in one of my early posts (October 2005 archive "Stroke Survivor"), if you still want to know what really happend that day.

To my mother, may your sufferings be light. GOD bless you always. I love you, nanay!


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