Friday, December 08, 2006

Why Congress Is Hell Bent On Con-Ass

Bad assess in the Philippine House of Representative are hell bent on clinging to power until 2010. Despite the Supreme Court's ruling of "no" to charter change, these sinister congressmen who do not have anything good to do for the country and who have nothing to boast except for their number in the house are resorting to different tactics just to convene the "constitutional assembly."

Why are they so desperate to do this? Probably it is very obvious that the coming 2007 elections will surely give them a hard time. Most if not all of those in favor of the "Con-Ass" are sure losers in their respective places. Money is another thing, imagine if there's no election next year, they will save millions of pesos they are suppose to spend for campaigns, terrorism and vote buying! A big bonus is the time and energy they will save if there will be no elections. Above all of these, the supreme ruler in the palace gets a chance to run again in 2010 as a representative of her beloved "parol" producing province and gets a chance to be Prime Minister

What the Filipinos should do is to block all efforts in convening this "Con-Ass" because these bad-ass politicians will surely go for it no matter what it takes...

Just my two cents worth!


Blogger AL said...

Hei Abner,
I hope that the voters would assess the candidates very well. Kasi naman pera at movie stars ang tinitignan ng mga mamboboto. AAAARRRRGGGG!!!!

8:24 PM  
Blogger VegasFilAmGuy said...

So why do the voters continue to look at OLD CRONIES and MOVIE STARS as their choice to lead the nation?

The Filipinos will vote! They will vote for who they believe can lead them. OLD CRONIES and MOVIE STARS.

Why do the Filipinos continue to vote for them? Don't they know these people can't lead?

OK OK OK, i'm being redundant. I know.

What is inside the mind of the Filipino who will vote for a Movie Star or an Old Crony?

3:53 AM  
Anonymous josh said...

hey there.

hope you don't mind random people commenting. hehe i just started with this whole blogging thing.

observing from indonesia, i think that cha-cha is a good thing, i don't think its achievable because of the people running the country. rules are bound to be broken or at the very least bent at some point.

4:45 AM  

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