Tuesday, December 19, 2006

NBA Brawl

Last night's game between the Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks turned out dirty when the supposed to be "blown-out" game ended in a free for all brawl. The fight started just as Denver's 123-100 victory was wrapping up, and 10 players were ejected.

It started by a hard foul by Knicks' Mardy Collins preventing Denver's JR Smith from an easy basket by grabbing him around the neck and taking him to the floor. Smith got up and immediately started jawing with Collins, and Robinson jumped in to pull Smith away. Anthony shoved Robinson, and Robinson and Smith then tumbled into the front row while fighting. Just as things appeared to be calming down, Anthony threw a hard punch that floored Collins. Jeffries sprinted from the baseline toward halfcourt in an effort to get at Anthony, but was tackled by a Denver player. By the time security finally contained Smith, the players were nearly at the opposite end of the court from where things started.

Rumors are accusing Nugget's coach George Karl of "rubbing it in" to Knick's coach Isiah Thomas as all 4 Denver starters are still in the court despite the blown out game. Thomas was caught on camera talking to Carmelo Anthony warning him not to drive to the basket and dunking the ball anymore.

Both coaches are spared from suspensions.

In my humble opinion, Thomas DO NOT HAVE any right to tell oponents players what to do and not to do! He should be the one given the harshest punishment by the NBA. BE responsible enough!


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