Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Year Experience

This is the first new year I will be celebrating away from home. Away from cannons made of bamboo and kalburo, away from all the firecrackers and fireworks I used to buy in Bocaue, away from the merrymakings in the streets, away from the noise I used to create by tying empty cans and metal sheets and pulling them using our bikes, away from all neighbors and friends, away from Annie my love.

This is truly a different experience. Celebrating inside the house while the airconditioning is operating full blast because its very hot outside, watching the fireworks display at the Sydney's Harbor Bridge from the TV in the comforts of Abel and Jorge's home, having an early media noche, having an unusually silent night.

I guess nothing beats the celebration back home. The only saving grace is being with my whole family on this new year's eve. Tomorrow I will be on my way home, alone. I will be celebrating yet another different new year of my life.

Oh well, as the saying goes... life must go on. I guess i have to light a few firecrackers and eat a late media noche alone by myself.

HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! I'll try to make mine happy too.


Blogger Racky aka Bakya Ni Neneng said...

Happy New Year doc!!!

r-gards to ur family ... i'm sure Annie is also lonely ...u being miles away from her!

God Bless and viel gl├╝ck (good luck) for 2006.

8:38 AM  

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