Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why Medicine Is A Popuplar Pre-Nursing Course In The Philippines

I think this topic is long over due. So much had been said and written about this. Many had already discussed, argued and debated about this issue. Why now the sudden urge for me to write something about this.

Maybe because the problem had caught up with me. Its been 6 months since I halted my "small" private pratice back home. 24 weeks ago I resigned from my previous work as a research associate of Dr. Enrique Ostrea. And its been 168 days since I last earned money. I have no regrets leaving everything in the Philippines, I am only seeking for greener pastures for me and my future family.

Life is so hard in the Philippines, as already been said, "The brain drain is so huge it is threatening the very fabric of the nation." As long as the same people are sitting comfortably in the presidential palace, nothing will change. And for heaven's sake, please, please, please, stop toying on the idea of a constitutional change, which will allow the present robbers to stay in power up to 2010. Please, the whole nation is begging, leave something for us so we'll have something to start a new life with after you are finish ransacking the nation's wealth. Aren't you not satisfied yet?

Doctors taking up nursing just to leave the country, isn't that a very BIG PROOF that there is no more hope left for our country?


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