Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"buhay sa pilipinas"

"kay sarap mabuhay sa sariling bayan" these are words from a song with a nationalistic theme. but are these words true nowadays???

when i was a young boy, i was very patriotic and nationalistic, i REALLY love the PHILIPPINES, for me nothing beats living (and growing old) in my own country but as years were slowly added to my age, little by little was i exposed to the harsh reality of life in the philippines.

our country being ranked among the most corrupt government in the world really broke the bond i used to have with the philippines, sad to say but i think we are in a hopeless scenario here. graft and corruption in our government is like a MALIGNANCY slowly eating and killing us all. no treatment as of this date, only remedies to ease the sufferings.

too much of everything is bad, i think our country had too much of democracy. we can always resort to "people power" revolution every time we feel we don't like the leadership.

our church almost always meddle with politics, where is the so called "separation of church and state?" up to this time i couldn't reconcile what i learned in my school days that the church should be separated from politics. its a good thing that the "SIN" is already dead, at least we can have leaders that are not endorsed by him!

bottom line is, we the filipino people lack one very important trait in ourselves.... DISCIPLINE!

if only each and one of us will have discipline in ourselves, our country can move forward, towards a brighter future, if not during our lifetime maybe in generations to come, I HOPE!


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